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Questions & Answers - Program Information

Q: Why our name is Garciaparra Baseball Group Marucci ? Simple we wanted the longest baseball team name in History!

WE ARE NOT a travel team!!!! - Our Youth Teams are High School Developmental Teams 

             A: We wanted to use the Garciaparra baseball name to gain exposure for your kids since Michael and his family is very well connected in the baseball world. It has already helped numerous players gain exposure and recognition and we hope to continue it for years to come.

-      Also not just better players, but better young men and our staff are more than coaches to these kids.

-      We never say we are better than any other team or program, but we will be different.

-      We will be organized and you will be informed as our whole staff will communicate as best as possible

-      GBG takes pride and we wear the name with respect and class. 


Q. Do we have to use Marucci Products?

GBG Youth Teams not labeled Marucci do not have to use only Marucci bats and batting gloves although we definitely recommend their products and get a great discount. Our HS age teams called GBG Marucci need to use Marucci Bats and Battling gloves and our code for 30% off Marucci’s website is in a previous email you have received. Youth teams not called Marucci are not required to use Marucci bats and batting gloves. We teamed up with Marucci and get great savings on all products and gear! We feel they have the best equipment and we want your kids to have the best equipment. More than 30% of all Major Leaguers are swinging Marucci bats now.


Q. What time show players arrive before our games?

One hour before game time unless your coach says differently.

Q. GBG HOURS of Operation:

I need this as we have had parents and kids contacting us at all hours of the day and as much as we over what we do we have to spend time with our family also.

Mondays we will be completely OFF. Please do not contact us unless it’s an emergency. 

Hours will be Tuesdays-Saturdays 12pm-8pmSunday 7am-5pm I



   – We’ve had problems with people not reading emails and asking questions that are in the email TIM or I wrote. Simple response will be please read below.  A lot of time and effort put into those emails and they are filled with info for you to all utilize.


Q: Who will be our kids Coaches?

            A: Our specific coaches for each team has been set and will try and keep throughout the Season.  As for myself, I will be roving from team to team on most weekends.

 Q: Questions about your sons playing time and ability?


-      Player evaluations (they will give you the honest answer so be prepared)

-      Games times

-      Please go to the coach first and if they can’t help I will do it.


 Q: What Fields do we play on and Game times?

            A: Games times are always TBD but most our games will be Double headers on Sundays. WE WILL TRY AND POST GAME TIMES AND LOCATIONS BY THURSDAY EACH WEEK.


Q: Teams divided by League Age?

          A: Teams are divided by league age. The age that the player is on March 30th is their league age.


 Q: Teams GBG Navy and Blue and why are there so many players per team?

            A: We have teams separated into two/three teams because of the number of kids in our program. We do this so we can provide more kids with opportunity to learn from a great coaching staff and be around quality kids and families. Our Navy and Blue teams are never set rosters and kids will be asked on any given weekend to play with one or the other and can be asked to play for an older or younger team. If one team is stronger, which sometimes happens, that is ok. Kids will be encouraged to try and play hard and learn as much as possible each weekend and to show us they can be our top players for their age group. Our coaches will make sure that pitchers get their innings and position players get their a.b.’s and defensive innings. It is VERY important that our players communicate if they have time limitations, if they’re sore or nursing a nagging injury, the possibility of trying another position, or if the coach forgot to put you in a line-up…please communicate with your coach.


Q: Can my son be moved from Navy to Blue and from Blue to NAVY

A: Absolutely our coaches have monthly meetings and actually our coaches write reports to Michael twice a month evaluating every single player that shows up on Sundays.



Volley ball, Club Soccer, Hockey, and other things like dance, can run families up to $6000 $10,000 a year just for a reference. We do not cost that 

-      As of right now since June 1st 2013 until Feb 23rd  a little over 9 months, GBG kids have received over approx: $725,000 dollars in college scholarship money but that’s per year. $725,000 x 4 = 2. 9 million Dollars. So from June 1st until now our families will save over 2.9 million dollars due to scholarship money. We are not counting the over 30 kids we had play for GBG in college right now or that are in pro-ball. College goes up on avg. 5% every year.


Q: What are Monthly Dues? (Youth Programs)

A: Monthly Dues are $199 a month with tournaments being and extra cost. As in the high school age group Trny cost will vary depending on the event. Cancelation fee: If for any reason a player decides to leave our program a fee of a month’s dues ($199) is applied unless a written notice is given to Dennis Hildebrandt, 2 weeks before next pay period. This is instated because your son has taken up a spot for someone who was cut/and or on waiting list, and we would like for everyone to be as committed to our program as we are as a staff. The two weeks gives us time to find a replacement and so we know we have enough players per team.

Cost Breakdown - $199  (includes)

  • Unlimited use of The Office Sports Facility Mon thru Sunday a $195 value in itself.
  • Two Practices per week – At least two hours each practice
  • Additional GBG Clinics added for the teams


Q: What are Monthly Dues and for how long? ( High School Age) 

We are a Yearlong Membership program and not a pay for each month you play program.

            A: Monthly dues are $199 on the 1st of every month starting from June – Jan. Cancelation fee: If for any reason a player decides to leave our program a fee of a months dues ($199) is applied unless a written notice is given to our Baseball Director Tim Blume,  2 weeks before next pay period. This is instated because your son has taken up a spot for someone who was cut/and or on waiting list, and we would like for everyone to be as committed to our program as we are as a staff. The two weeks gives us time to find a replacement and so we know we have enough players per team.



What are you getting for your Yearlong Membership? ( High School Age Only)

 -Pro coaching and instruction by our very experienced staff.

 -double headers on Sundays with playing time split up equally as possible

 -our college recruiting coordinator, which new players will learn all about and the thousands of dollars Ricki and our staff save families.

- Dedicated web page solely for our program

- help with answers to college camps and showcases. WE WILL SAVE YOU THOUSANDS of dollars!!

-      Great playing fields and facilities

-      Represent a reputable team that has national recognition to college coaches

-      Huge percentage off Marucci products and gear.

-      Scouting report after the season is complete.  This is a pro scouting report by Michael. Collaboration from your coaches and our staff

-      Our staff gets together for monthly meetings so that we can properly place your son on the team that is best for his development as a player and skill level. We work on ways to constantly improve our program and learn from each other. 

-      Break the fees down and if you just paid for games only it would be $24.88 cents per game but we are providing all of the above within your monthly membership

-      Although you will only pay for 7 months, myself, Tim, and the rest of our staff works year round not just the 7 months your membership covers.


Q: How to make monthly payments and who to?

            A: For the 2015 Season we will be using 3 different pay options. They are, monthly auto-pay through our merchant account, onetime payment for entire year, or bring cash on the first Sunday of the month.  Monthly auto-pay is the simplest and most efficient way to collect our monthly fees it gains credit cards points and was easy for the parents and for us to track. At this time, we do not accept American Express.


Q: What if our payments are late

            A: Late payments will cost your kids playing time and that’s something we do not want to do. If a payment plan needs to be discussed please contact Dennis Hildebrandt and we’d be happy to help with arrangements. NOTE* FUNDRAISING WHICH WILL BE DISCUSSED in a min


 Q: Why is my name off the rosters?

           A: Names are removed from rosters when either of the following happens; You leave the organization, or you stop paying or are delinquent with your program dues.

 Q:Uniform Costs? 

1.       We have a practice uniform set for $65 that includes two jerseys & one hat

  1.  Our Game uniform pack will run between $180 – $205 dollars. It includes (2) high quality Victory Brand Jerseys w/last names, 2 Custom GBG hat,s , (1) GBG Drifit Shirt, (1) Pair GBG Shorts. We will have our Victory Store open periodically to buy fan gear there as well as Victory baseball pants. I will be open 1 week. We’ll notify you when it’s open.


Q: Can a player be cut?

            A: Complicated but yes and no. If your son does not behave, or acts in a way we feel is not in accordance with our Code of Player Conduct he can be asked to no longer participate in our program. We will be emailing this Code of Conduct at a later date but will definitely include what they post on Social media sites, behavior in school, and their grades. Players who were not pitchers only may be asked at a certain time to become pitchers only or will be given the option to have a discussion about it. Player performance will be addressed on a case-by-case basis if need be. Myself, our Baseball Director, will be showing up to coach, evaluate and assist at games. We will work closely with our coaches and follow up with any concerns they may have.

Play with respect on and off the field




-      need help with fundraisers I.E. Golf trnys, Poker nights etc.

-      need help with fields

-      IDEAS for fundraising or special things for kids and families for the program.

Thank you very much for being here and for putting trust in me and this program.  We are honored to coach and help your sons on their baseball journeys. Our goal is to not just make them better players but to help make them better young men in the process. We are excited and look forward to another successful summer and fall and can’t wait.