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Tryouts and Info

Next Tryout Date

Our Next Tryout Date is scheduled for Saturday June 7, 2020 at Esperanza HS on the JV Baseball Field.

Check-In Begins at 8:30 am and the tryout will start promptly at 9am!

Please sign up with the link below.

Player Sign Up

Tryout Process

We have tryouts every quarter. Our tryouts are a pro style workout where our coaches evaluate players on their fielding, throwing, and hitting. We start by having the boys field balls and throw to 3B from right field where we gauge their arm strength and fielding ability. We then move them to shortstop where they get 4 balls and we evaluate their feet, hands, and arm strength. From their we put them through a short hitting evaluation where we evaluate their swing mechanics, power, and contact.

We also have individual tryouts weekly at our team practices throughout the year.

If you are interested in trying out with us please fill out the waiver and questionairre below.


Player questionairre